Jabez, birth name Tony C. Hardy, was born in Austin, Texas on March 10, 1964 to Cato and Dorathy Hardy. As a young man, I grew up in the 1960's and 70's. During that time I came face to face with the prejudices and cruel, evil wilds of the devil. All the rights that Martin Luther King Jr. and other Freedom Fighters died for, I encountered similar battles of my own on a daily basis. Everyday I would wake up wondering which white kid I was going to have to fight because they would judge me by the color of my skin, rather than the content of my character.

Growing up, I was never accepted and mostly spent my time gettin' in where I could fit in at the time. One day I could be blazin' up some "kill" with the "Gonja Heads"; the next day I'd be dunkin' on the cats playing basketball at the court. In the late 1970's and early 80's, I was a rebel in high school. I would skip school, get into trouble, and I even dropped out of school for an entire year. I later returned to school and ended up graduating, but despite this achievement outsiders anticipated a grim life for me.

Long story short, I eventually got married. This was one of the longest and costliest mistakes I ever made. Looking at it through my a newly enhanced, spirited outlook, I'm glad it happened. I'm a complete man now because of the whole ordeal. I strongly believe that I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today if I hadn't been removed from the situation. In essence, God blessed me even while I was living in sin. I have two beautiful children as a result of that marriage. I thank God, and, yes, even my ex-wife, for the gift of my children. I love her in this wonderful love of Jesus Christ. After the marriage I suffered many trials, going through life in poverty and even being rescued from a potentially deadly accident. Up to this point, The Kingdom suffers violence, "The Violent Take It By Force", which means that many things I've had to endure to get where I am today is no different from the Messiah and everyone else willing to accept the call to preach The Gospel. 

There will be many more to come, but l'll die for this. What I stand for is Jesus and I love each and every soul out there, even you tough guys thinkin' you know what's up! It's easy to fight what you can see, but it's what you can't see that means the most. So let Me let You in on something ... Jabez has been called to open the eyes of the blind, and show the world of Hip Hop, this Hip Hop Generation, the truth. It's not a thing; It's Jesus, The Truth, The Life, and The Way.

Watch out world, Jabez is comin' with the real Hip Hop. Jesus Christ, Ya'll!!!

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